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The Manjimup Heritage Park offers students an opportunity to learn about forestry, the significance of WA’s timber resources, and the contribution of the state’s forest workers. They can explore how the Manjimup community changed over time, including how advances in technology – in particular, steam and electricity – changed the nature of work and daily lives.

During a visit to the Heritage Park, students can:

  • walk through the native south west bushland, compare and contrast the plants within it, search for evidence of animal life, or imagine what it might be like to work in a place like this
  • explore the State Timber Museum, to learn about the history of forestry in WA
  • learn about electricity, and how the arrival of electricity has affected the development of the south west and the broader community
  • see early steam powered machinery, and consider how it changed the nature of industry;
  • wonder through the historic hamlet, and imagine what daily life might have been like for families in the south west in the past
  • have fun on a world class playground and wonder through the Park garden spaces
  • Examine how local governments and volunteer groups work together to preserve heritage, provide recreational facilities and create urban meeting spaces

Education Resources:

Our education resources include suggestions for during, pre and post-excursion activities, discussion points, templates for student use, plus a selection of source analysis questions which may be completed as part of a broader learning program at school.

  • The ‘on-site’ worksheets and activity ideas are linked to general capabilities rather than specific curriculum outcomes. They are designed to facilitate student engagement with the Heritage Park, its features, collections and displays, promote critical thinking, and provide a starting point for post-visit discussions
  • The pre and post visit activity packs support the WA Curriculum across a range of year levels and subject areas. They can be used to prepare students for a visit to the Heritage Park, or serve as a spring board for further exploration of concepts back in the classroom. Specific curriculum information is provided within each pack
  • The historical overview document provides a brief summary about the history of the Shire of Manjimup

When you are booking a visit, please let us know if your class has any specific interests, and we will do our best to tailor your experience to suit your needs.

History of the Shire of Manjimup

Pre-Primary to Year 3

Years 4, 5 and 6

Years 7-10